Stefania Pinsone is an Award-winning artist (EWAL Premier Art Award London 2019 Top Prize winner). Awarded by the head judge Professor Emeritus Dan Fern at the Royal College of Art of London. Her artworks are characterized by a powerful personal painting style that combines a strong figurative imagery with the elegance of a new contemporary impressionism of the digital age.

Her artistic project is double and dedicated to exploring both the inner space of the brain mechanics using a complex system of symbols and signs, and the external space, distorting the images as seen through a video screen in its multiple meanings. This last project is characterized  by extreme experimentation in style and in the use of different materials, among them Plexiglas, aluminium, iron, rhinestones, LED lights, copper, resin and metallic or fluorescent colors.

​Stefania Pinsone was born and raised in Rome, she holds an MFA degree and a MA in Art History. After some years of professional artistic work - mainly in Rome and Milan - and a long period of art teaching in high schools in Rome, in 2009 she moved to the Basel area in Switzerland starting an international activity. Her artworks were published in the Art book: International art today – 2016 and 2017, curated by Dr. Ingrid Gardill. Published also in the autumn and winter 2020 editions of House & Garden, Tatler, GQ and Vogue ​(The Condé Nast Publications Ltd, Vogue House 


She has received in 2019 the recognition certificate by the Ambassador of Italy to Switzerland, H. E. Silvio Mignano for being the best expat Italian talent in her field.

In her artworks of the inner space series she invents details of landscapes without human presence: they are labyrinths, corridors towards an apparent indefinite, structures and tangles in which the medieval component and the future of electronic circuits mix the temporal categories and design places outside the borders.

There is no spatial or temporal security: progress and the distant past seem to be parts of the same civilization. Colours define the right interior propensity of the artist. Dark parts and metallic brightness stand out, vibrant on bronze, gold and silver. They are the colours of extreme technology, there is the darkness that reigns in the infernal journeys of Dante and Blake, the smell of the night that beats in Kafka and Burroughs. It is an unclassifiable pictorial moment, free from any avant-garde, without extensive epochal references. The paintings have a smell of the Middle Age but a clear futuristic vision, they seem rich in ancient stones and yet infiltrated by the micro technologies of telematic circuits. A contrast between something massive and something minimal.

Since 2018 she has started a parallel activity of professional Graphic Designer for IES ltd in Basel 

I am afraid I can't explain myself, sir.

"When we die, we will not be asked if we were faithful and believers but if we were credible and believable"


Rosario Livatino

"If you can not be free, be a mystery"


Rita Frances Dove
“An amateur borrows — A genius steals” 
Pablo Picasso 

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Exhibitions and Publications

2021     Personal exhibition in the art gallery Art Gallery Arting 159 Via Marsala 1, Milano (IT)

2020     Personal exhibition in the art gallery gh36,12 -22 September 2020, during the Berlin art week, Co-curator Dr. Lily Fürstenow                           (Grosse Hamburger Str. 36, Mitte 10115), Berlin (D).

               $€X¥ Gstaad, art exhibition organised by ArtsFemin, Huus Resort Hotel, Feb.-Mar. 2020, Gstaad (CH)

2019  Premier Art Award Exhibition London 2019 Top Prize winner (10/31/19), head juror: professor emeritus Dan Fern at the Royal College of                      Art of London. La Galleria Pall Mall, London

                Personal Exhibition at R4L art Gallery Nov.-Dec, Seon (CH)

                Selected artist for the "Director's choice" in ArtMuc, October, Munich

                Consignment of the recognition certificate by the Ambassador of Italy to Switzerland, H. E. Silvio Mignano, and the Italian Consul in                              Basel, Pietro Maria Paolucci during the 1st Edition of the "Young Italian Talent Day in Switzerland"  (5 October, CH)

                When art meets jewellery: Brahmfeld & Gutruf. org. by affordableart.de, Sept-Oct., Hamburg

                Duo Exhibition at Posk Gallery, 26 - 31 August, London    

                Platform for emerging artist #22, selected for exhibition in Leyden Gallery, 13-25 May, London

                London-Kyoto FAPDA Award, winner in art print category, exhibition in Be Gallery, May, Kyoto

2018      Winner in the London - Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019. Prize in the Art print category: Exhibition in Kyoto (Japan) in May 2019

                Selected artist for the "director's choice" in ArtMuc, 8-11 November, Praterinsel Booth H3 12 Munich (DE)

                The Discovery Art Fair, 1 - 4 November 2018, with Parcus Gallery, Booth G 17, Frankfurt (De)

                Gallery representation, Parcus art Gallery, Berlin (DE)

                Winner of "O.R.A. prize, 7th edition 2017-18. "O.R.A prize" awards winner artists with a personal exhibition held in art galleries in Italy  

                Selected artist for the exhibition in Klosterhotel Kreuz, Mariastein "As if it were a miracle" 05.05 - 31.10, Basel (CH)

                Graphic designer at IES ltd from January, Basel (CH)

                „Grand Salon 2018“, Villa Berberich, 13.01. – 18.02, Bad Säckingen (D)

                Published article with a personal review in the German newspaper : "Badischer Zeitung":  "Der vierte Grand Salon in Bad Säckingen zeigt                      klassische und experimentelle Bilder und Skulpturen". So, 14. Januar 2018 in Kultur.

                Selected artist for the exhibition in Klosterhotel Kreuz, Marienstein "As if it were a miracle" 05.05 - 31.10, Basel (CH)

                Graphic designer at IES ltd, development of anniversary logo and wall poster, from January, Basel (CH)


2017      Personal review in the printed cultural magazine “Minetta Review” – Art, Fall 2017, New York city, USA

                Exhibition in the public museum, "Wanlin Art Museum" (万林艺术博物馆) - Wuhan

                HUBEI ART FESTIVAL November 2017, China

                Exhibition in the art Fair “Arte Binningen 2017” (10 – 19 November 2017), Basel, Switzerland

                Selected finalist artist at EWAAC 2017 (EAST WEST ART AWARD COMPETITION- London) in the category painting, exhibition and                                  awarding in the Pall Mall Gallery, 18 - 22 October 2017, London, England

                Selected artist for EWAAC-Artist in Residence in UK 2017 with final exhibition in Posk gallery in London (7-11 August 2017). Residence in                  Bedford University (29 July -12 August 2017) and Artlink premium membership (representation in Japan).

                Selected artist for Personal Exhibition at Onepeak Hubei Culture Media Co., Ltd., TS1 Gallery, Hongshan District of Wuhan City, Hubei                            Province, and Shanghai, (2017-2018), with the agency Amalart S.r.l. First exhibition in Wuhan, 10.5-10.6.17 China

                Artworks featured in “Average Art Magazine”, London, in the December 2016, January, February, March, April and May 2017 issues                              (Cottage industry Press)

                Elected as head of the jury at “Arte Binningen 2017” art fair, Basel, Switzerland

                Nominated candidate artist for "Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2017", London 31 December 2017


2016      “AAF, Affordable Art Fair”, with Galerìa Gaudì (exhibition with 4 artworks), 26–29 February, Brussels

                Representation at Atkinson Collection Gallery, Chicago, IL, United States

                Personal Exhibition in Centrepoint, Lohnhof, April-July, Basel

                “Modern Woman In Art”, International Exhibition for modern and current art, Basel Art Center, 27-29 June, Basel

                LISTE 21/Art Basel - art fair, represented by Kaskadekondensator & Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, 14-19 June, Basel

                Representation at Le Dame Art Gallery, June-December, London, UK

                Awarded artist at EWAAC 2016 (EAST WEST ART AWARD COMPETITION- London) in the category painting, with the Encouragement                            Price; exhibition in London: La Galleria Pall Mall, 18 - 22 October 2016

                “Seeking Peace: Figurative or Abstract Art?”, international collective exhibition in Basel Art Center , Curated by prof. Antonio Russo, 9-11                    November


2015      “Hiver 15” collective exhibition, Place Suisse des Arts,  January, Lausanne

                Double exhibition in the art Gallery Haus am Bach, April, Sissach (CH)

                “Kölner LISTE” art fair, with A-Space gallery 15–19 April, Cologne

                Solo Exhibition with catalogue, Art & Context 101, Art Gallery, curated by Dr. Bernard Reuter, October-November, Basel

                “Satellit 15”, collective exhibition with SGBK Basel,  November, Liestal (CH), in collaboration with “Kultur Nacht Liestal”

                Personal Exhibition in the Town Hall of the town Lausen (CH), December


2014      “Under One Roof” collective exhibition, Gum Gallery, May, Moscow

                “Cutlog NY” Art Fair, May, New York

                “Frisch Gestrichen” double exhibition, Galerie Eulenspiegel, Aug.-Sept., Basel

                “Copenhagen Art Contemporary art fair”, September, Copenhagen

2013      “Sommerausstellung” collective exhibition, Galerie Schöneck, Riehen, Basel

                “Selection” collective exhibition, Galerie Schöneck, Riehen, Basel

2004      “Collocazioni domestiche: percorsi urbani” collective exhibition. Show Room SMIT, curated by B. Martusciello, Rome

2003      “Blerò” Personal Exhibition. Fondazione Katinca Prini and Contini Gallery, curated by A. Contini, Bardonecchia (IT)

2002      “Nuovo Quadro Contemporaneo” collective exhibition. Palazzo Cedir, Reggio Calabria

2001      “Hellzapoppin” collective exhibition. Galleria d’Arte Mascherino, curated by S. Dello Schiavo und A. Gianvenuti, Rome

                “Match” collective exhibition. Galleria d’Arte F. Russo, Rome

2000      Collective Exhibition. Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma, curated by “Mecenate 90”

1999      Personal Exhibition. Studio D’Arte Cannaviello, curated by E. Cannaviello, Milano

1998      Personal Exhibition, with catalogue, Galleria d’Arte Mascherino, curated by G. Marziani, Rome



  • High School: Pedagogical School San Sisto Vecchio, Roma, 1990

  • Diploma in visual arts. Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, 1997

  • Certificate: qualification as a high school teacher in art history and drawing, 2000

  • University Diploma: Bachelor course in Cultural Services, Università degli Studi di Firenze, 2004

  • Degree in Art History, M.A. with honors, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, 2007




  • Scholarship "ADISU" for the Academy of fine arts awarded top marks, 1997

  • Study Scholarship at the University of Tor Vergata for the academic years 2005/07




  • "Sant’Urbano alla Caffarella: nuove indagini e scoperte", Rivista dell’Istituto Nazionale d’Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte, no. 59, 2010

  • "Stefania Pinsone", Catalogue for the personal exhibition, curated by G. Marziani, Rome, 1998

  • "Violence and Perception", Catalogue for the personal exhibition, curated by Dr. B. Reuter, Basel, 2015

  • Inclusion in the art book: "Internationale Kunst heute" ("International Art Today"), 2016 and 2017, curated by Dr. Ingrid Gardill, (May 2016, May 2017), selected for 2018. IKH-Publishing Martina Kolle - www.internationalekunstheute.com

Review in International art today 2017 by Ingrid Gardill:

Stefania Pinsone combines the classical painting of the art academy with the digital age. Her special style of digital painting (see Internationale Kunst Heute 2016) has developed further. In her new series, she experiments with black acrylic glass as a painting as background, on which the shapes without a spatial background appear like cut with a snipping tool. In addition, the black looks like that of a screen, which brings the painting closer to the digital one. This is particularly evident in the “Neon scorpion” painted with fluorescent acrylic colors, over which the artist places a blue fluorescent acrylic glass. Both of these bring out the figure in a particular plastic manner and at the same time they appear to be seen like through an artificial screen effect. "Fire burns brighter in the dark" gives the impression that the flickering fire is shown on a video recording. Pinsone paints the acrylic image deliberately with visible stripes and pixels and covers it with a transparent glass pane. Thus the blazing of the fire penetrates vividly and vividly. The portrait format is based on the famous picture by Gerhard Richter. This shows the profile of his reading wife, while the reading light gently recalls from behind. His recollections of the "Book Reader in the Open Window" by Jan Vermeer from 1657 have been discussed many times. Pinsone transfers the well-known motive into the present time; If Richter still uses the polaroid photo as a template, Pinsone takes the digital image with its special resolution. For this purpose, her contemporary reader is immersed in a self-luminous, digital device which, coming from the black, radiates her face directly. Thus, the artist succeeded in transforming an icon of the art world into the digital world in an impressive and original way”