• Isolationism


    Isolationism, 100x100 cm 2019, direct print on aluminium, Butler finish. Can be chosen with gold or silver finish. Series of 15. With declaration of authenticity and signing on the back. Holders and shipment included. 

    The large sphere of Isolationism is compressed by walls with vertical niches. This sphere appears in many other artworks as a constant, but here the sphere is in the foreground, before our eyes with its rotating band structure that shows its interior between one revolution and another. Around the perimeter it has an intense light, intuitively blinding like a metallic sun. It looks like a Kubrickian spaceship that moves in the territories of brain connectivity.

    • other sizes available in standard size or personal


      60 x 60 cm = 500 €

      150 x 150 cm = 1.300 €